User Experience & Interaction Designer



Designer, Coder and Illustrator

I bring an artist's eye and an engineer's mind to approach design in a systematic yet creative way.

I discovered Human Computer Interaction (HCI) during my graduate studies in Computer Science and I have been fascinated by it ever since. With a background in software development, I work with both engineers and designers with ease. Creatively, my design skills and passion for art turn sketches into delightful products.

In my free time, I love to paint, create digital illustrations and think about fun interactions.

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“Working with Ran on my book cover was an absolute joy. She actively listened to my ideas and worked with my publisher and me every step along the way. After exploring five different design directions, she continued to refine the chosen design until it’s perfect. I love everything about Ran’s design and would recommend her for anyone looking to hire a great designer”

-- SC Moatti, Founder & CEO of Products That Count

“Ran blends two of the most important parts of UX in my mind: the strategy and long term thinking to ensure a good experience from beginning to end, and the ability to create work that inspires and motivates.

Ran has a great technical background that keeps her designs feasible but not limited to the easy route - and she'll map out those user flows to prove it. She can get into the code to help with dev if needed but can also create a wonderful illustration for your marketing emails. Ran is truly a great asset to any product or design team.”

-- Justin Hernandez, Director, UX at FCB Global

“Ran Liu was a diligent hard-working graduate student who did competent and creative research work in developing ManyLists, a web-based tool for product comparisons. I'd welcome her back to work with us anytime.”

-- Ben Shneiderman, Professor at University of Maryland