Marketo Email Editor

Email Editor is the single most important feature in the entire Marketo product suite. More than 80% of Marketo users are email marketers and they spend the majority of their time inside Marketo Email Editor.

The Problem

The existing Marketo email editing experience is rather cumbersome. It is very hard to choose an email template, draft email or changing images. A total redesign of the entire email editing experience is long overdue.

The Goal

  • Design a user-friendly and modern email template picking and editing experience.
  • Allow marketers to design email easily without the need to know how to code.

The Challenge

This is a highly visible project with an aggresive deadline. I had to work very closely with PM and engineers to keep adjust design solutions to make it work.

The Result

Presented final design to a panel of executives and stakeholders. The design was featured in Marketo User Summit 2016.

Final Design

What the customers say